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These are Bands/ Labels/ Booking agencies/ enthusiasts and activists we work or worked with. Their sites are worth a visit!



Pain In Ihe Brain, punk - Dortmund

Camplate, punk - Dortmund

Fighting Chance, metalcore Dortmund

Grim Goat, punk - Münster

Random Hate, hardcore punk Bonn

Sidetracked, hardcore Punk - Unna/ Berlin

Kings of Forlorn Lands, hardcore -Essen

Obnoxious Class, hardcore punk - Siegen

Disobey (R.I.P.), Lünenstyle - Hardcore

Under Hoods, hardcore - Greven



Labels/ Scene/ Activists


Spastic-Fantastic-Records - great bands, great stuff!

Rilrec-Records - who doesn´t know rilrec? - reviews, upcoming shows, cummunity

Horror Business Records - hardcore label

Autonome Republik Siegenthal - Punks living in their house nearby the river

                                                     and letting Bands play there. Best Place!




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